We offer incentive trips, sports programs and corporate wellness activities, which are created in order to help our customers achieve their goals and accomplish specific tasks. Our solutions are focused on improving relationships in companies, enhancing the joy and desire for working, improving health and well being, as well as increasing loyalty and commitment.

We use many modern tools, such as Nike+ (Running, iPod, FuelBand), Garmin Forerunner and PlayStation Move, but we often go back to the roots by cooperating with local food manufacturers, adapting the idea of slow food or organizing programs in locations away from civilization - surrounded by forests, animals, beautiful nature and silence.


We are a small and relatively young company, therefore customer relations are very important to us. Before organizing any event, we need to get to know each other, set goals which we work towards together and analyze specific needs - in order for the cooperation to result in a noticeable improvement of the earlier defined areas. Instead of using ready made models or patterns, we provide tailormade attractions, programs, places and activities which are most suitable, as there are no two companies with the exact same needs and expectations.


We encourage you to test our abilities - we will prepare an offer to compare with your current incentive provider. We will be happy to establish a long-term cooperation and create a program of events for up to two years ahead, if needed. We also invite you to follow us on Facebook.